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Learn how to navigate and use the Easy Digital Album workspace

The Albums Form

When you launch Easy Digital Album, the first screen that appears is the Albums Form. From this form you can do the following:

  • Create new albums and projects like DVD cases, cards, invitations e.t.c.
  • Open and manage all the albums and projects you have already created, like:
  • Delete an album.
  • Duplicate an album.
  • Change the aspect ratio of an album and its properties.
  • Export it for use on another computer or import it from another computer.

To access the Albums Form at any point while working on an album, select from the main menu Open Album or New Album.

Click here to see a video about the Albums Form.


The Import/Organize Screen

The Import/Organize screen appears just after you have created an album. From this screen you can import and manage your images. You can organize them in groups, so it's easier to find the shots you are looking for, when creating your layouts. In this screen you also have the option of applying color labels in your images, if you haven't done already in any other application before importing them in EDA. 

To apply color labels in your images use the numerical keypad on your keyboard, by using the following keys: 
1= Red, 2=Yellow, 3=Green, 4=Blue, 5=Violet and 0 to remove all labels.

Click here to see a video about the Import/Organize Screen.