About Avb Photoworld & Easy Digital Album

Avb Photoworld is a company that was founded in 2003 by two twin brothers and photographers. We have both studied mechanical engineering but our love and passion for photography took over and become our career. That period the transition from the analog photography to digital was starting and many photographers were facing a lot of new challenges. One of these chalenges was the editing of the images to Photoshop. In an effort to help photographers understand that part we created an instructional multimedia CD-ROM with video lessons. The CD-ROM, named Photoshop for Photographers, was highly accepted and praised from the photography community. Another issue that had to be addressed at that period was the new concept of the digital albums and their design. It was such a laborious and time consuming task in Photoshop. So we created the first version of Easy Digital Album to make that process really easy and fast.


Easy Digital Album 1.0.0, was introduced to the market in June 2005 and it immediately became highly acceptable from hundreds of photographers due to its simplicity, the highly aesthetic results that could produce and its exporting function in PSD files. Many updates followed and after a year and a half of its first release Avb Photoworld redesigned Easy Digital Album and added more features to it like image viewer and editor, smart image management, multilingual support and more templates, for album covers and DVD covers. This Essential version of Easy Digital Album 2.0.0 was introduced to photographers in Photokina 2006(Kologne) and they were enthusiastic seeing a software so simple and yet so powerful. The evolution of the Essential edition of Easy Digital Album was the Premium edition. By taking into consideration the suggestions of the users and adding many new ideas we redesigned Easy Digital Album from scratch, in an effort to provide photographers with the best tool on the market for designing albums, one that would revolutionize the way they work on designing their albums.

Many years have passed and we are still driven by the desire to always help our fellow photographers. So Easy Digital Album is continually evolving, as photographers’ needs are. The version 3.5 that is completely redesigned is here and is taking more steps ahead, in an effort to give you even more freedom and flexibility and less time spent in front of your computer. You can download our trial version and take it for a ride, we are confident you are going to love it. 
And feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding Easy Digital Album at info@easydigitalalbum.com