What's New in Easy Digital Album

We are constantly adding new features to Easy Digital Album. See below the new features of the latest release.

Released June 30 2019 (Version

Added Features


Drag to Import Images

Drag the images you want from any folder on a page. The images will be imported and a layout will be created automatically.


Sample Images Available

When Saving a Template, a sample image is saved also (If the template include images).


New Masks Added

New Masks have been added to give our clients an idea of what you can do inside the software.


Cut Pages When Exporting

When exporting pages, you can select whether you want to export the pages as a whole or in two parts (Left-Right) Page.


New Mask Name Field

A text field has been added above the Mask option, so you can easily see the name of the mask you have applied to an image.

See New Features Summary

Some of the features of the next version of Easy Digital Album.

To Be Released July 30 2019 (Version


Single Pages Added

Added to the ability of creating Full Spreads you can now create Single Page layouts, Square or Vertical Rectangle.


Make Any Text a Mask

Turn instantly any text you type in the software into a Mask with just a click. A unique feature you can find only in EDA!


Change Albums Location

Select the Storage Location you want for the Albums so if for any reason you have to format your pc you will never loose your albums.


Drag And Select

Make faster selections with the new selection tool. Simply Drag And Select just the images you want to apply properties to.


In the Trial version of Easy Digital Album there is no export function, so some of the functions described here are not available in the Trial version, only in the Full version.

Fixed Issues

This release of Easy Digital Album fixes some issues that caused it to crash and some bugs that have been detected.

  •  The Application can hang during the importing of single images.
  •  During Exporting pages through Photoshop the placement of images was wrong when zoomed.
  •  The alignment of Multiline Text during export through EDA wasn't correct.
  •  You don't have to Run the software As Administrator any more to being able to add Masks, Backgrounds, or Graphics on any page.