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Video Tutorials

Learn all the features of EDA with our video tutorials


Get to know the interface

Length:  5:26 minutes

Get familiar with the interface. Learn how to navigate and all the tools and options that EDA offers you.


Create your first album

Length:  4:19 minutes

Learn how to create your first album, modify it, duplicate it, or change its aspect ratio. 


Import images - Create groups

Length:  6.08 minutes

Learn the various ways of importing images, applying color labels and organize them in groups.


EDA layers explained

Length:  6.22 minutes

The layers in EDA have a lot of power. Click to learn everything you want to know about them.


Make your first page

Length:  8:12 minutes

It's time to create your first page. See how easy it is to create a page, based on templates or starting from scratch.


About Masks

Length:  4.23 minutes

Masks is a very powerful feature of EDA. Learn the various ways you can create and use them on your images.


Make & Save a Template

Length:  4:11 minutes

Learn how easy it is to create and save for future use your own Templates in EDA.


Edit again a finished layout

Length:  3:02 minutes

Check the function of editing again an already saved layout.


Export your layouts

Length:  6:20 minutes

You have created your amazing layouts and you want to export them in high resolution files for printing. See how easy it is and all the options that EDA offers you.


EDA Editor

Length:  5:10 minutes

A new EDA Editor has been added in the last version 3.5.2. Learn how to use this non- destructive image editor.


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