About EDA

About EDAEasy Digital Album is a software designed for professional photographers by Avb Photoworld, a European based company that was founded in 2002 and is specializing in creating software & hardware for covering the needs of modern photographers.

Easy Digital Album 1.0.0, was introduced to the market in June 2005 and it immediately became highly acceptable from hundreds of photographers who produced digital albums, because of its simplicity and its cooperation with Photoshop.

Many updates followed the version 1.0.0, fixing some bugs and continually adding new features to every update.

About two years after its first release, and after many upgrades, Avb Photoworld decided to redesign Easy Digital Album. We started from scratch and besides the new graphic interface, we added more great features to it. The new, smart, xml image management, image viewer and editor and the multilingual support was just a smal part of the new features.
The most important part that our clients were asking about was...freedom.
Freedom to add and delete layers, being able to move, resize and rotate them, adding strokes, shadows, masks, gradients, overlays, backgrounds and text, directly in the software.
And we are proud to say that we managed to fulfill their expectations. EDA is the first software to offer all these features that remain still editable in the exported PSD files.

This version, 2.0.0 of Easy Digital Album, was introduced to photographers in Photokina 2008(Kologne) and they were enthusiastic seeing a software so simple and yet so powerful.

The evolution of Easy Digital Album has never been stopped. With over eight years of development we are able to provide photographers with a software that, we consider, is the most complete and powerful tool on the market for designing albums.
By always taking into consideration the suggestions of our users, for making the program even better and adding our own ideas we are able to offer photographers a truly great tool that has already changed the way they are designing their albums.

Easy Digital Album is continually evolving, as photographers’ needs are and the version 3.0 is already here. With 50+ more new and cool features it will offer you even more freedom and flexibility and less time spent in front of the computer.

Just give it a try and you’ll find yourself wondering how did you managed to design your albums without it!


A Big Thank you...

To all our partners... to our team for their dedication and hard work, to fellow photographers for their contribution in images and of course to you, all our clients for your support and appreciation in our work!

A special thanks to our dear partner, friend and photographer Dimitris Andritsos for providing us with all these, beautiful, wedding images required for the construction of this website.



Learn how to use EDA and take advantage of all the feaures it offers you by watching our video tutorials…

EDA 2.1.0 FeaturesEDA 2.1.0 Features

Easy Digital Album 3.0 is available here for download in a Trial version.
You can freely download and install this version on your computer for evaluation.
See how EDA works

See how EDA works

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